Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick 8/28/22

911 Day of Service in Kanab:  September 10, 8 AM to 11 AM.  Go to and look for Kanab National Days of Service projects or consult the local Southern Utah News.  Many projects to choose from with many ways to serve.

Hospitality is Ministry:  Remember that we are a ‘Hospitality Parish’ with a major outreach to our many visitors. It would be great to have a couple more ‘teams of two’ participate in this ministry so that each team could serve once every four to six weeks.  Please sign up to help host our Sunday morning Coffee and Muffin gathering. Sign-up list and easy-to-follow instructions are in the gathering space.  It is really a great joy and privilege to meet our visitors who come from all over.  Any questions, ask Mary Poe or Fr. Rick

St. Christopher’s Library

Come on in and browse during our social hour after the Sunday Mass.  Books are organized by category, plainly marked on the shelves. If your knowledge of an aspect of our faith is weak, we have books for just about every concept. So please check it out!  No library card needed! 

“Do not let a day go by without some spiritual reading.”- St. John Bosco   

Gearing up for the ‘post Roe’ World.  The Good News is that we know how to do it!!  What wisdom can we add as elders to help our grandchildren transition into this larger, holier, PRO-LIFE experience?  See following ↓↓↓

Respect for Life Resources Diocese of Salt Lake City

Walking with Mothers in Need in Utah

Voting Genuinely Pro-Life

Real Pro-Life Intimacy

What is Theology of the Body?  (Pro-Life intimacy)

Genuinely Pro-Life Society – Stewardship

Prayer from the Heart (Catechism of Catholic Church – CCC:  2562-2563)

“If our heart is far from God, the words of prayer are in vain. “

Chastity (CCC 2337-2344)     Google it.  It comes right up.

Resettling the Ukrainian and Afghanistan Refugees:  See how you can help locally (Utah).   Catholic Community Services

World Hunger:  Catholic Relief Services can help us make a meaningful response throughout the world.

Homily Reflection: “Lord I am not worthy to receive you…”

At its most fundamental level, humility requires us to finally concede that we are not as wise and powerful as God.  Of course, if faced with that question in a religious classroom environment, all of us (I hope!!) would readily concede this fact.  However, from minute-to-minute and day-to-day, we might not give God so much room in our lives?  He often seems so slow and works too mysteriously.  Life has its way of humbling all of us sooner or later (usually sooner) though and those are always key transitional moments.  Do we give in to God or do we give in to despair and cynicism?

This week tell your grandchildren about at least one episode or period in your life when you felt most humbled and then gave in to God and THEN felt your whole attitude and world view ‘exalted’.