Bulletin -March 29, 2020

FIFTH SUNDAY OF LENT In the gospel today Jesus, rather curiously, waits just long enough for his friend Lazarus to die before he goes to his aid.  Jesus wants everyone to know that beyond a doubt Lazarus had indeed died in order to demonstrate the power God has over death.  It seems like a very heartless strategy, but Jesus understands that humans have a very difficult time trusting in God completely unless they are absolutely convinced of their own helplessness. When we feel like we are just left hanging, with perhaps life and death in the balance, we can be assured that God is with us and stretching us to the fullness of life for which we have been created.  Hang on and trust!   I trust in the Lord; my soul trusts in his word. – PSALM 130:5 ========================================================= TODAY IS FOOD PANTRY SUNDAY!  In these times of transition and uncertainty we are going to focus especially on the local need for food.  We would like to send a very generous check to Care and Share to replenish their supply immediately.  Along with non-perishables*, (which can be left in the tote in front of the church), please make a donation to our charity account and we will pass it along.  Mail your donation to the parish or drop it by the office. *canned milk, jams and jellies, instant mashed potatoes, soups (no tomato), canned meats (no tuna), canned sweet potatoes and ground coffee.  No expired goods, please.   FINANCIAL REPORT FOR MARCH 23, 2020:  Offertory $1,350. Donations Mail $50.  Coffee Fund donations $5. Total:  $1,405.   PRAY FOR THE SICK:  Please offer your prayers and your special intentions for: Barbara Burgess, Roberta Champlin, Denise Drinkwater, Nancy Goebel, JoCarol James, Sandra Kirkland, Patti Lindh, Nathan Lynch, Tom McDonnell, Louann Marocchi, Aileen Norton, Jim Prag, Michael Ramirez, George Reese, Lucy Sanders, Linda & Kenny Spencer, Laurel Steele, Peter Stephan, George Strutzel, Linda Tarrant, Barbara Walk, Debbie Wentz, James Wentz, and especially for our Service men and women and their families.   DIOCESAN DEVELOPMENT DRIVE (DDD): 2020 progress as of 03/23/2020: GOAL $8,725 / PLEDGED $4,620 / PAID $2,810 / DONORS 8.  Please help us help the Diocese of Salt Lake City meet the goals of the annual Bishop’s Appeal.  Thank you for your generosity!