Bulletin: The Transfiguration of the Lord 8/6/23

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him.” Mt. 17:5


39 West 200 South, Kanab UT 84741

Office: (435) 644-3414 [Please leave a message and we will respond as quickly as possible]


WEBSITE: kanabcatholicchurch.org

Sacramental Minister: Rev. Richard T. Sherman, Kanab, UT

SATURDAY VIGIL MASS:  5:30 PM, (Suspended Indefinitely)




NOTE: If you have a sacramental emergency after parish office hours, please call 435-673-2604 for assistance.

Next Sunday:  Annual Collection for Retired Religious – See insert.

Our next OPEN-DOOR SATURDAY is August 19, 2023 from 10:00 AM-Noon.  If you have friends or relatives that are interested in the Catholic faith, or are thinking of returning to the Church, please tell them about us and have them stop by. We would love to meet with them!  OPEN DOOR is scheduled every first and third Saturday of the month.

Please pick up a free copy of Bishop Robert Barron’s book, This is My Body: A Call to Eucharistic Revival.  We will likely begin a parish discussion later in August.

FINANCIAL REPORT   July 30, 2023 – Offertory: $1002; Donation Mail: $25; THANK YOU!!

You can also donate on-line at kanabcatholicchurch.org

Diocesan Development Drive –.  Our parish goal this year is $8,800 and we have now paid in $5383 with an additional $971 pledged: 72%. 14 out of a total 57 households have participated.  Thank you!  JOIN IN; IT’S REALLY FUN!

PRAY FOR HEALING:  Pam Grant, Doug Ingram, Alex Klina, Ethel Sherwood, Kristine Owens, George Reese, Mary Stogsdill, Caroline Harvey, Jose Hernandez, Victims of Natural Disasters. Our Wounded Veterans.  If you have specific prayer requests, please leave us a phone message or send us an email.  We will get your intentions on the list.  We also remember all the sick and infirm at our daily Masses.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Thursday from 4 to 5:00 PM. 

Community Rosary:  After the Monday morning Mass

Social Hour after Sunday Mass – Coffee, juice and bagels or muffins are served up along with some fabulous conversation.

Share the Fun:  Remember that we are a ‘Hospitality Parish’ with a major outreach to our many visitors. Please sign up to help host our Sunday morning Coffee and Muffin gathering. Sign up list is in the gathering space.

Community Outreach:  Thank you for your generous contributions to the 5th Sunday Collection last week for our Community Outreach Fund.  We collected $239.  St. Christopher’s has emphasized the local Care and Share food bank in our outreach and also attentive to needs of the local Childrens’ Justice Center.  Other needs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis where we have some familiarity with recipients and where we can provide the most optimal type of assistance.  Utmost care and prudence are exercised with your generous donations.

Fiscal Year-End Statements

Our fiscal year-end has ended as of June 30, 2023.  We have had another good year with income remaining steady and operating expenses kept at a minimum amidst rate increases in property insurance, electricity and water.  Our overall savings are up 32%.

We are currently seeking bids for resurfacing the asphalt in front of the rectory and around the church.  Ballpark estimate so far is $50K.  We are also requesting an estimate for asphalting the gravel parking area to ensure a safer entry and exit, especially for folks having mobility issues.  We will likely launch a short capital campaign to help cover some of these costs.

The FYE Statements of Financial Position and Activities are posted on the bulletin board in the social hall for your perusal.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Noel Poe, Jim Pashia, Meredith Langely or Fr. Rick.  AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!


Healing Retreat:

It’s an online retreat. If you sign up, you’ll hear from five speakers, each of them giving a few video presentations focused on healing and growing closer to God.

Some of the talks are about healing from specific problems — things like loss and grief.  Other talks are about God’s faithfulness during difficult times.  We’re diving into Scripture, into Jesus’ healing ministry, and personal testimonies, to learn how we can grow closer to Him and receive the healing He offers us.

You can participate in this retreat at your own pace.  Some of the talks are 10 minutes long, and others are closer to 20. You will be able to watch them whenever you have the time, or to download them and listen to them while you’re on-the-go.  You’ll also receive a transcript of their talks along with reflective study guides for each.

You can register for the retreat here: https://praymoreretreat.org/

All of the materials will be released on Wednesday, August 16th. That’s in just two weeks.


Homily Reflections:

When did you have a ‘Transfiguration moment’ in your life that seemed to open up the world and give you the hope of the Kingdom of God?  Who did you share it with?  How did it change your life?  How did it change your relationship with the Church?  How did it change your prayer life specifically?

“We did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we had been eyewitnesses of his majesty.”  (2 Ptr. 1:16)

What ‘cleverly devised myths’ have captured your attention during the different periods of your life?  How did you break out?

Real quick, without looking at your phone:  Who was Moses and Elijah and what did they represent on the mountain?

Especially for VISITORS:  How has attending Mass throughout the country or throughout the world affected your understanding of being the Body of Christ?