Fr. Rick’s Pastoral Messages 11/6/22


Please Give Us ALL your Money.  Well, it seems like it, doesn’t it?

+This weekend is the triennial appeal for the Archdiocese of the Military Services

+October was/is Intermountain Catholic Month.  Please pay for your $25 annual subscription fee this month.  We are assessed $800 annually so if you don’t pay, the money will be taken from our checking account.

+Catholic Charities USA has asked for assistance in their emergency response to the Hurricane Ian-affected communities in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Southeast US beginning in Florida. Nov. 11-12

+The annual collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development will be taken up on November 19-20.

+ Annual Navaho Holiday Outreach, December 3-4.  We delayed our customary 5th Sunday Collection in October in order to direct these charity funds more specifically to this collection for some of our more needy and elderly Navaho neighbors in Utah and northern Arizona.  As with last year, we are committed to donating at least $1000 from our charity outreach account so your donations will keep our charity account and local opportunities flexible as needs arise.

+Your generosity in the Church’s outreach is never taken for granted and is always well placed for the benefit of some of the most needy and desperate among us.  When we donate, we are playing a very important and active role in our missionary efforts throughout the world.  Thank you in advance


Diocesan Eucharistic Revival – July 9.  Save the Date:  Diocesan Mass and Gathering.  Mountain America Expo Center, Sandy, UT

Hospitality:  Remember that we are a ‘Hospitality Parish’ with a major outreach to our many visitors. Please sign up to help host our Sunday morning Coffee and Muffin gathering. Sign up list is in the gathering space.

November is National Adoption Month

Have you wondered if God might be calling you to open your heart to foster or adopt a child? Register to attend this free virtual retreat being held November 12-13th to hear from couples who have answered the call. Talks will address fostering and adopting after infertility, adopting a child with special needs, international and domestic adoption, adoption from foster care, grieving when foster children leave, caring for a child who has experienced trauma, adopting older children, what to do when only one spouse feels called and more. Springs of Love encourages, educates, and equips Catholics to discern and live out the call to foster and adopt. See website and Register at

“…but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”  Catholic Virtual Healing Conference: November 11-12.  The Church realizes that we do not live on a soul friendly planet and we get roughed up quite a bit on a regular basis.  This conference will offer a variety of helpful talks about healing from emotional and spiritual wounds as well as opportunities for live interaction and discussion with professional healers.  Please pass this along to acquaintances and loved ones who might benefit (i.e., all of us).

Join us for Liturgy of the Hours after the Tuesday Morning 8:00 AM Mass and after Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at 5:00 PM on Thursday.  See our website for the website or app.  Also, hard copies of the Hours will be availableBeing a Eucharistic people invites us into a deeper and more personal relationship with each other in the community and then sends us out to be this deep presence to the worldIt’s the real presence of Christ.  When we pray the Liturgy of the Hours we pray with and for the whole Church.  At St. Christopher’s this action has a particularly relevant meaning as we welcome people from all over the country and the world and then send them out and ultimately back where they came from  They are changed by being here and being together.  We can even join the whole world in praying for them throughout the week.  This is a real connection and world changing.