From Bishop Solis: “Now More than Ever”

Unprecedented times lead to unprecedented need, which leads to unprecedented LoveUnity, and Generosity. Now more than ever our Church needs your support. Join the Mission of Christ in Utah, and help us reach our goal of $100,000 by August 30th. Together we’ll preserve and grow our faith. Click the link to CONTRIBUTE today:

 Please consider making a gift (or another gift) to the Diocesan Development Drive if you are able in these very precarious times. St Christopher’s is still short about $3,300 of our annual goal with currently 12 households participating so far. Sometimes it might be easy to think that because we are 300 miles away from the Diocesan Pastoral Center that we do not receive many benefits from the Diocese. However, consider that our resident priest receives a pension that is managed and organized by employees and ministers of the Diocese. We receive incalculable services for administrative expertise in maintaining a sound financial condition, a safe premises, compliance with personnel regulations as well as maintaining adequate insurance coverage. Grant writers at the Diocese helped to procure substantial funding for the renovation of our church. If you could only contribute $1 or $5 it would show that you recognize the collective nature of our Church mission and the larger implications of Stewardship. Bless you!! Fr. Rick