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Care for Pregnant WomenJoin our Diocese and Take Action

The Diocese of Salt Lake City has long advocated for legislative solutions to abortion that would do more than just tell women to find another option.  Legislation that would truly make a difference in the numbers of abortion, while also recognizing the dignity and sanctity of a women’s life, has finally arrived in Congress. Care for Her (H.R. 5163) is the type of legislation that focuses on the root causes of abortion.  Care for Her will facilitate support and services to women who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy, and seeks to meet the emotional, physical, social, financial, and other needs that a woman encounters during pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing.

The bill addresses practical support for pregnant and parenting women’s day-to-day needs, including health care and material supportmentorship and parenting resources during pregnancy and following the birth of a childopportunities for completion of education and employment and job trainingsafe, affordable, and supportive housing during pregnancy and for their children after birthincluding those attending universitiesworkplace and college campus accommodation, including child care and lactation support; and ease of awareness of available support and services.

CALL TO ACTION:Urge your member of Congress to show that he wants to Care for Her by co-sponsoring H.R. 5163. Tell him: Pregnant and parenting women deserve better resources and support!To ensure consistent access to information about available support and services for a woman with an unexpected pregnancy and to fill additional gaps that exist in support and services, Care for Her (H.R. 5163) proposes:a pregnancy child tax credit (just think about how much is spent before the baby is born.); an identification of existing pregnancy and parenting services and support in a clearinghouse;input from women who have experienced available support services to understand what services are useful and gaps that exist in services and support;assessment and sharing of best practices in local, state, and federal programs; a new federal-state entity to assure all parties are satisfied with the context of support and services;a website with geographically relevant programs for women seeking support during pregnancy;a toll-free number to provide women with referrals for obtaining pregnancy and parenting support and services, including services to support;provision of grants to support services, such as maternity housing, mentorship programs, job training programs, and child care;an annual report from HHS on successes and opportunities for improvement;and an establishment of a new incentive of supplemental funds to communities that demonstrate improved maternal and child outcomes.

Thankfully, Utah’s First District, Rep. Blake Moore is already a co-sponsor.  If Rep. Moore is your representative, please call or email him to thank him for his support of pregnant women.  Email and local phone numbers for Rep. Moore may be found at the three other districts, click HERE to personalize and send your message.Please note: This legislation does not replace pregnancy resource centers. This bill has been written as something EVERYONE can support. 

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