Pastoral Messages 5/1/22

Pastoral Messages 5/1/22

The Children’s Justice Center informed us of the need for new blankets, so anyone wishing to make such a donation can drop them off in a designated box in the gathering space after Mass.  We will get them to the CJC.  The parish will also make an as-yet-to-be-determined cash donation for other incidentals they may need.

Diocesan Development Drive – As noted on the front of the bulletin, we are over halfway to our goal of $9500.  If we look around our well-cared-for facilities and the availability of daily sacramental services, we can see that there is very little that happens at St. Christopher’s that is not heavily supported and subsidized by the Diocese along with its grant-writing expertise.  Thanks to a big local, regional and national effort, our community has this almost unheard of luxury compared to many MANY parishes and missions throughout the Church.  Please chip in generously so we can meet our goal with minimal stress and hassle.  See DDD pamphlets in gathering space.  Give from our abundance.


“Our Lord did not ask us to give up the things of earth, but to exchange them for better things.” 

Archbishop Fulton Sheen


Return of ‘Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible’  In the near future I will be assessing the interest to revisit this 8 Session study complete with timeline chart,  group video presentations and your own workbook!  Let me know if you are interested.  We might possibly promote this to the larger Kanab community, so if the multitudes come to us, it would be great if they were to meet lots of enthusiastic local Catholics to help guide them on the journey.

Fr. Rick’s Homily Reflections – 3rd Sunday of Easter

Today’s Scripture readings give us a nice post-Resurrection sequence to help us assess our own Easter stories.  Perhaps the BEST part of the Easter story, in fact the second BEST part of the Good News, is that Jesus wants to give us more than we could ever imagine.  (The VERY BEST part is probably that God is infinitely merciful).  We think earthly; Jesus thinks heavenly.  In John’s Gospel today (Ch. 21) he makes the point that when following Jesus’ specific directions, the disciples haul in 153 LARGE fish.  These guys are professionals, but Jesus gives them a big surprise with this very simple pointer.  And presto!  Fish in Abundance!

And then Jesus invites them to join Him at the fire where Jesus Himself will rustle them up some breakfast…on the charcoal fire.  Jesus is demonstrating Gospel leadership by service as He cooks the breakfast.  The charcoal fire might also call to mind the fire that was burning as Peter was denying his friendship with Jesus (THREE times).  Now Jesus will ask Peter if indeed he really, really loves Him (THREE times).  Service AND mercy!!

And now:  You “Feed my Sheep” with service, humility and mercy.

And so they go forth and do just that and are brought before the judging Sanhedrin for their efforts.  They have been accused of ‘filling Jerusalem with their teaching’ (Acts 5:28).  The disciples reply that they ‘must obey God rather than men’ (Acts 5:29).  They will pay a heavy price.

What abundance have we received from the Lord?  How does our use of God’s abundance reflect our humility, service and mercy?

How have we taught in the ‘public square’ in a way that might bring us before the ‘Sanhedrin’ for judgement?