Pastoral Messages from Father Rick, as of 6/17/2021

Visiting Priest Next Weekend – A priest from St. George will cover the weekend Masses on June 26 and 27 while I am away for R&R to escape the rat race of Kane County.  Some weekday services will be covered by a Communion Service in lieu of Mass. Everyone please stay healthy!!

Summer Reading and Discussion:  I’m just starting a book by Robert Royal entitled Columbus and the Crisis of the West.  Royal attempts to place some scholarly insights to help understand the complexity of Christopher Columbus and his true place in history.  New revisionist interpretations of American history now abound (again!) and can radically affect how we teach our children about history and the complexity of human nature. In this book Royal does not claim to have the absolute last word on the subject, but rather helps the modern reader think more deeply and humbly about how we evaluate human behavior from a different cultural milieu and time period.  Please consider joining me for a discussion beginning in early July.

Books will be available at the church.

Preparing for Sunday Mass:  Please consider reading the Sunday Scripture readings a day or two before coming to Mass.  If you have a study bible try to read all the footnotes that describe a little more about the reading.  This will improve your experience at Mass immeasurably and maybe even help you understand the homily better.  AND, please note that the Sunday homily is usually posted on the parish website by the end of the weekend or at least by Monday.  AND, maybe even discuss it with a friend.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Please join us on Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:00 PM for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament ending with benediction.  This form of group silent prayer is a very powerful statement of our faith in a God who is calling us together as one.   If we give God the time to more deeply penetrate our souls, we will eventually learn how to see each ‘with the eyes of our hearts’ despite what our brains and wills might be saying to us.

Bishop’s Annual Appeal:  Please make a donation to the Diocesan Development Drive.  So far only about one fourth of our community have made a donation…. And don’t forget who pays for the ‘ol Padrecito’s salary.

PLEASE GET VACCINATED as per yet another reminder from the Office of the Bishop.  Utah would like to be at 70% vaccinated by July 4th.  Please tell a friend.