Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick – 10/16/21

Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick – 10/16/21

Global Church / Global Mission

World Mission Sunday is on October 24, 2021.

This year, Pope Francis reminds us of our baptismal call – to respond as missionaries, saying “We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20). This week we respond to that call, through our prayers and personal sacrifices for our brothers and sisters in the Missions – in places like Uganda where people face food uncertainty and violence… in the Philippines where local clergy face martyrdom… in Oceania where people’s livelihoods are threatened by climate change… and in remote regions of Latin America where people are hearing the Gospel for the first time.  Learn more at

Please respond this World Mission Sunday by supporting the priests, religious Sisters and Brothers, and lay catechists who provide loving service to those most in need. Thank you!

ATTENTION  KNIGHTS:    The Kanab Knights of the Roundtable will have a meeting on October 24th following the Sunday Mass in the library.   All members should attend if at all possible.  If you can’t attend, send a text or email to Coordinator Noel Poe at 435-899-0467 or “”  There are few things to discuss since we haven’t had a recent meeting.  The meeting will last less than an hour.  Any men that are interested in joining the Roundtable Knights are invited to sit in on this meeting.   Noel 

Pray for an End to Abortion – Join Catholics and Protestants across the country coming together online to pray for the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.  This is the case that could overturn Roe v. Wade—the Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in all 50 states.  November 18, 2021.  More on this later.  Also see –

Church Sign Humor:  God does not show favoritism… but our sign guy does.  Go Sun Devils!!

Who Do We Trust?  Today’s Responsorial Psalm says, “Lord let your mercy be on us as we place our trust in you.”

This psalm reminds us about the true solutions to all our divisions, conflict and confusion throughout our Church, families, nation and the whole world.  But can we really trust God?  Can we really place ourselves at His mercy?  This psalm is placed right in the middle of the Sunday Mass (Eucharist) which is he source and summit of our whole religious tradition which we believe is instituted by Jesus Himself.  Our Church’s teaching magisterium has always been guided by the Holy Spirit.  So far so good?  Do we really believe this so far?

Consider the Church teaching and guidance on some of the more contentious issues.  Do you trust the Church on these teachings?  If not, who DO you trust?  I mean specifically.  How do we KNOW if we are really putting our trust in God?

What do you really believe about abortion, artificial contraception, immigration reform in the U.S., death penalty, getting a vaccine against Covid, adultery, sharing in proportion to what God has given us in all things, climate change?  Add some more.  If we don’t trust the teaching and guidance of the Church, who do we trust?  Consider each issue of above.  Study what the Church actually teaches.  Compare that with who you really trust as a source of authority.  Be as specific as possible.  Does the source of your trust bring about unity among the very diverse peoples whom God created and loves equally?  This is your homework for the week.  God bless you and guide you!!

Green Tip from the Salt Lake Diocesan Office of Life, Justice and Peace:

Be mindful this Fall.  Quiet days indoors are a perfect reminder to reassess life in the home for the impact it has on the natural world outside. 

Take time to go through the deepest, darkest hiding places in cupboards, toy boxes, the attic, basement, chests, and garden shed. 

While going through each item, remember to think about its environmental impact so you can make better choices with the next purchase, or use it in a greener way.  Are there single-use items you can replace with reusable, sustainable items?

Do you have a habit of buying lots of plastic items which clutter up your storage spaces, when you could be buying environmentally-friendly items to replace it instead?     Source: