Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick – 10/22/2020

1/ Thank you very much for your generous donations to the World Mission Sunday collection.  St. Christopher’s contributed $670 to date.

2/ Next weekend on October 31/November 1, we will make our annual appeal for donations to the Navajo Holiday Assistance efforts.  The perennial poverty and lifestyle traditions that exist on the reservation have been severely exacerbated by the Covid 19 pandemic.  St. Christopher’s is joining local and statewide efforts to help alleviate the misery with gifts of food, sanitizing supplies and other materials.  The parish council and finance committee have decided to make a donation of $1000 to this year’s effort.  Along with what we collect in this special appeal, we will make up the difference to make up $1000 with funds from our St. Vincent de Paul fund.  We are only asking for monetary donations currently. If you have not been coming to Mass in person, please mail in your donation to the parish office.  Thank you in advance for your usual generosity. 

3/ Bishop Solis has emphasized to pastors and administrators yet again to encourage all parishioners to contribute to the bishop’s annual appeal (the Diocesan Development Drive).  Even though we have already reached our parish goal, I want to encourage those who have not paid their pledge to please do so.  And more so, only 15 of our registered 48 households have contributed to the DDD.  I’ve tried to explain why it’s important to support the Diocese given all the services and support we receive from the larger Church, but we seem to have a kind of false sense of autonomy way out here in Kane County.  We simply could not exist as a Catholic community if it were not for the support of the other parishes in the state.  Please donate today.  You can do so easily online at

4/ If you have any money left, please buy yourself a special treat.  YOU DESERVE IT!!  GOD BLESS YOU.