Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick 10-8-20

Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick 10-8-20

Pastoral Plan and Faith Formation:

At our recent parish council meeting we decided to take a different approach in favor of starting with a basic catechist formation program.  Whether you are interested in being a catechist or not, it is strongly encouraged that as many parishioners as possible take this course.  The lessons can all be taken online at your convenience and we will meet at regular intervals as a group to discuss our experience and progress.  This will be a great opportunity for community building as well as a solid faith formation exercise.  This will also satisfy a major part of the process of becoming a certified catechist which is strongly emphasized in our Diocesan Pastoral Plan.  If you are interested in this training, please leave a message for Fr. Rick in the office.

The Wider Catholic World

In these times of challenge and change it’s very encouraging to see all the different Catholic groups helping us to understand and respond to the new age we are in.  This is an especially important time to be open to how God is guiding us.  Please consider taking some time to visit the following websites.

When Liberals Were Pro-life” – If you have not already viewed this video, it’s worth a look.  This presentation from the McGrath Institute at Notre Dame University gives a nice history of how political thoughts and attitudes have change since the 1960’s and 70’s.

‘Catholic Climate Covenant’ Webinar Series

Religion and Race:  The Future of Anti-Racism and the Catholic Church” from The Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown University.

Please remember to check the parish website weekly.