Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick – 10-9-21

Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick – October 9, 2021

How we get back to ‘Normal’  – The more and the quicker we all get vaccinated, the safer we emerge from the restrictive lifestyles we have experienced over the past many months.

Bishop’s Annual Appeal:  Please make a donation to the Diocesan Development Drive.  So far only about one third of our community have made a donation…. We are part of a Diocese and a global mission in which we play a very important role.  Donating is EASY AND FUN!!

Global Response:  Catholic Relief Services is on the ground in many places throughout the world and ready to respond to a myriad of catastrophes.  For more information and to learn how you can help go to

Afghan Refugees   Catholic Community Services of Utah is helping to resettle the many refugees from Afghanistan as they begin to arrive at various places around the country.  For ideas on how to help, see: 

Global Church – Global Outreach

During this weekend when we are called to ‘give everything’ back to God, it’s apropos to recall the generosity of our little community over the past fiscal year (July 2020 to June 2021).  Some of the detail:

Assessment to Diocese of Salt Lake City:                      $9,085

Catholic School Assessment:                               $2,019

Second Collections to Various Catholic Entities: $9,958

Charity Account Disbursements (Mostly Local):        $3,395

          Charity Account Collections    $3,963

Diocesan Development Drive (Calendar Year 2020)          $8,754

Total                                        $33,211

Living in Kane County, on the most southern fringes of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, it might often feel a bit isolated; but, we are quickly reminded especially on weekends of the vital role we play in the Church’s mission.  Besides welcoming visitors from all over the world, we send money all over the world to help support our global mission.  Besides our regularly focused support of the local food bank, our parishioners are very active and dedicated to service in a variety of local endeavors.  Giving and sharing is a lifestyle which requires our daily attention and commitment.  The times we are living in demand an ever-increasing attention to the needs of our most desperate brothers and sisters throughout our country and the world.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR THE GLOBAL CHURCH AND LOCAL COMMUNITY!!

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM.

October is Respect for Life Month.  All life issues start with marriage and family.  Please see the website below to see how the Church is honoring this basic Truth during this year Amoris Laititia, Year of the Family.  Be sure to check out the video series.

Amoris Laetitia (

Fruitful Love: the gratuitous dimension of love (

Also:  Check out how the Diocesan Office of Life, Justice and Peace stays involved in the whole spectrum of ‘Life Issues’ every day of every year.  See how you can get involved.

The web links above can be easily accessed by reading the Pastoral Messages on our website: Intermountain Catholic Renewal Month – This week in your issue of IC you will find the annual renewal envelope for your subscription.  It’s $25.  If you don’t pay it, it just comes out of the parish checking account.  We are charged for 40 issues.  You can place your envelope (or just a check clearly marked Intermountain Catholic) in our collection basket THANKS!