Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick 2/6/22

Synod on Synodality

The Diocese of Salt Lake City is pleased to announce the Synod of Bishops 2023!  The people of God are being invited to journey together in giving input to the bishops throughout the world as to what is important to you, your aspirations and hopes.  It is the work of the Synod to first listen to the sense of the faithful and the people of God.  We are invited to listen to one another that we may better understand what is on our collective hearts and how we may journey together in this endeavor.  Every parish territory is being called to participate.  

In the Diocese of Salt Lake City we are aiming to complete the listening sessions during the Season of Lent and each person in encouraged to attend two sessions with topics to be chosen by the group.  Groups will have about 8-10 people each so everyone should have the opportunity to speak and listen to the input of others.

Within the next two weeks I hope to have settled on the dates for two group meetings for each of the two sessions.  More particulars to come very soon.  Please stand by and review the topics featured on our St. Christopher’s website.

If you would like to lead or assist in the various discussions, please notify Fr. Rick.

Prayer and Action Network – The Utah State Legislature is in session and there are a variety of issues that Catholics should consider.  Please check out this week’s update from the Salt Lake Diocese Office of Life, Justice and Peace

Go Deeper! (Lk. 5:1-11)

In the gospel today Jesus is introducing a whole new kind of fishing.  Interestingly, He does not tell the ‘soon-to-be’ disciples to get a new boat, to buy updated fishing equipment or even to switch lakes.  He directs them to cast their nets in deeper water.  When they do, the catch is almost more than they can pull in and haul in their boats.  Even though they had worked very hard and were willing to concede their limited results for the day, Jesus stepped in and changed the whole scenario.

The great takeaway from this Gospel?  Listen to Jesus and then go deep where He tells us.  This is a great intro to our participation in the Synod on Synodality as well as the processes of Eucharistic and Marriage Renewal which are currently on the worldwide planning docket.  We can easily take for granted that we are living out the true meaning of synodality, Eucharist and Matrimony; however, regular renewals for deeper understanding should be expected.  The Church is once again focusing a period of renewal on these great mysteries as a way of building up the Church and the Kingdom of God throughout the earth.

God has given most of us extra years in a beautiful, uncongested place. We are here to cultivate the spiritual space and the creativity needed to help shape the complicated world that we are passing along to our grandchildren.  They deserve lives of genuine peace and joy.

Living Joy:  Nine Rules to Help You Rediscover and Live Joy Every day, by Chris Stephanick.  This book was featured in today’s homily, particularly as it pertained to Jesus’ directive to cast into deep water.  This is a great book to pass along to younger (and older) folks for an easy plan to live with greater awareness, peace and joy!  Buy a couple and have them ready.