Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick


Fully Pro-Life

Below are some opportunities for expanding our vision of what it means to be truly pro-life, particularly as it pertains to legalized abortion.  Even prospective nominees to the Supreme Court doubt if Roe vs. Wade can be fully repealed in the near term; however, we can help prevent unwanted pregnancies and heal all those involved with better understanding, sensitivity, and education.  Fr. Rick

Conversations That Matter: The Intersection of Justice and Pregnancy

The Notre Dame Office of Life and Human Dignity will host a free, three-part webinar series through fall 2020. This series will unpack the pro-life movement’s roots in human rights concerns and address complex contemporary issues impacting women and their unborn children. 

“We hope to spark authentic conversations that deepen our commitment to our fellow sisters and brothers and broaden our understanding of various and interrelated issues impacting women without the polarization and vitriol that currently characterizes these conversations.”
Jessica Keating
Director, The Notre Dame Office of Life and Human Dignity

This webinar series is intended for a general audience and designed to assist anyone in more effectively advocating for a just society which supports human flourishing for mothers and their unborn children. Each session will begin with a 30-minute talk, followed by time for Q&A. 

Sessions occur on September 29, October 28, November 11

Theology of the Body

Join some of the foremost Theology of the Body experts and enthusiasts from around the world for the 4th International TOB Congress hosted by the TOB Institute on October 30 – November 1. Due to regulations affecting our hotel and venue accessibility, we are taking the Congress virtual. 

Our theme, “That We Might Have Sight,” will explore the beauty and power of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body teachings to bring healing and sight to the blindness of our modern culture, as well as our own hearts