Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick 7-30-21

Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick – July 30, 2021

‘Good-Bye’ Shelli!  As most of you probably know this past Friday was Shelli Bzdewka’s last day of work after six years as St. Christopher’s secretary.  Shelli has accepted a full-time position at Best Friends working with the feline community there.  Shelli and husband, Mike, will remain active in their various ministries and look forward to maintaining their friendships with members of the St. Christopher’s community.  We are most appreciative of Shelli’s faithful service for the past few years and will have a little ‘send-off’ social THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 1ST AFTER MASS (I know this is very short notice, but with the Covid situation seeming more volatile, we decided to do it sooner than later).  Good luck and GOD BLESS YOU, Shelli and Mike.

Fiscal Year-End Financial Information:  June 30th marks the end of St. Christopher’s fiscal year end and we have done quite well in weathering all the peculiarities of our pandemic-altered world.  In short we had $100,878 in Total Income and $80,449 in Total Expenses leaving $20,429 in Total Net Income before Depreciation of $28,542.  These numbers as usual include various non-recurring expenses and income sources.  Our physical plant and grounds are in very good condition with no immediate major costs anticipated which cannot be covered by recurring income and savings.  For more info see the financial statements posted on the social hall bulletin board as well as feel free to ask members of the Finance Committee any related questions.  Start with Noel Poe or me (Fr. Rick).  AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE GENEROSITY!!!

● No Taxpayer Abortion  The USCCB Pro-Life Secretariat has been asking to spread the word about this campaign to take action. Although they are asking us to write to our representatives to support the Hyde Amendment and related, Pro-Life policies, our delegation in Utah already supports these, so instead, you’re encouraged to call or write to thank them for their stance on these issues.  As you know the House has already made an unfavorable decision, but please let our Utah delegation know our support. 

● Death Penalty    In the wake of a horrific execution spree by the previous administration, Catholics and people of goodwill are calling on President Joe Biden, a Catholic, to take concrete steps to end the federal death penalty. Join us in sending a message to the Biden administration to end the federal death penalty.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Christopher’s happens on Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.  Please join us.

Also, please join the Columbus book discussion group this Thursday at 2:00 PM in the social hall for a viewing of the docu-drama on The Pilgrims.