Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick October 2, 2021

Pastoral Messages from Fr. Rick  October 3, 2021

How we get back to normal  – Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine is FDA Approved!!

Every Utahn who is able to should choose to get vaccinated for COVID-19. If as many people as possible get vaccinated and we continue to follow health recommendations, we will win this fight against this virus.  Pase la palabra.

Bishop’s Annual Appeal:  Please make a donation to the Diocesan Development Drive.  So far only about one third of our community have made a donation…. We are part of a Diocese and a global mission in which we play a very important role.  Donating is EASY AND FUN!!

 Global Response: Catholic Relief Services is on the ground and ready to take immediate action in many places.  For more information and to make a donation go to .

Afghan Refugees   Catholic Community Services of Utah is helping to resettle the many refugees from Afghanistan as they begin to arrive at various places around the country.  For ideas on how to help, see: 

OH NO, YOU MISSIED IT?!!  Priests’ Retirement Fund – OH YES, you responded with your usual generosity!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR CARE OF THE RETIRED PRIESTS.  $1420!! 

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM.

OCTOBER IS RESPECT LIFE MONTH and this is Week One.  We are asked to please join our Diocese and take action this week to encourage Senators Romney and Lee to oppose the Senate version of the most extreme abortion bill ever to pass the House of Representatives, and thank our delegates to the U.S. House for voting no on the House version of the bill.

The House of Representatives voted to pass the most radical abortion bill ever. The so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, H.R. 3755, would: · 
        Allow abortion on demand nationwide throughout EVERY STAGE of pregnancy  ·         BAN pro-life laws in every state and local government  ·         Force Americans to support abortions with their tax dollars ·         Likely eliminate conscience protections for doctors—among other extreme actions.   Of those present, all but one House Democrat voted for the bill and all House Republicans voted against. The single House Democrat to vote against the bill was Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas. You can see how your representative voted here.   In his statement responding to this vote, Archbishop Joseph Naumann, Chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities, called this bill “the most extreme pro-abortion bill our nation has ever seen.”    Please contact your Representative today to thank him for voting against H.R. 3755.  All four of Utah’s representatives voted against the bill and Rep. Blake Moore made powerful floor comments in opposition, viewable HERE     It is likely that the Senate will also vote on this bill in the very near future.  Please also contact your two Senators to strongly urge their opposition to the Senate version of this bill (S. 1975) when it comes up for a vote.  Further background: Archbishop Naumann’s letter to Congress urging opposition to this bill.  This fact sheet explaining the radical nature of this bill.