Utah House Representatives Must Vote YES on SB 223: Charitable Contributions Amendment

The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City has requested that we:

Join UNA in calling on your state representatives to vote YES on Senate Bill 223, the Charitable Contributions Amendment. Sponsored by Senate Minority Leader, Luz Escamilla, SB 223 would create the Nonprofit Capacity Fund by allowing taxpayers to make a contribution to nonprofit support organizations on their income tax return.

The bill recently passed in the Senate and is currently in the House. While we don’t know when the full House will meet and vote on this bill, we do know that now is the time get SB 223 into the hearts and minds of our representatives.

Call, text, and email your House representatives today and tell them to VOTE YES ON SB 223!

Social Media: #YesOnSB223

Sample Messages

Support Utah’s nonprofits by voting YES on SB 223! The Charitable Contributions Amendment will provide essential, capacity-building support to the more than 11,000 nonprofits in our state—all through voluntary taxpayer contributions. Utah’s nonprofits and the communities they serve need you to vote YES on SB 223!

Utah’s nonprofits need you to vote YES on SB 223, the Charitable Contributions Amendment! Voting yes on SB 223 allows Utah taxpayers to make direct contributions to the Nonprofit Capacity Fund through their annual tax returns. It’s a simple, straightforward, and low cost way to support Utah’s nonprofit community. Vote Yes on SB 223!

Dear Representative [Representative Last Name],  
On behalf of Utah’s 11,000+ nonprofit organizations, we ask that you vote YES on Senate Bill 223, the Charitable Contributions Amendment. This legislation will allow Utahns to give directly to nonprofit support organizations using their annual tax returns. This simple update to the tax form has the potential to benefit thousands of nonprofits through capacity-building and technical support. Voting YES on Senate Bill 223 means stronger nonprofits, a better economy, and healthier communities.
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